Next Auditions
Wed. March 8th, 2017

Looking for a new challenge? Try us out!

Ringing in a handbell ensemble is unlike any other musical experience. It takes a whole team to play one single instrument.
Unlike a band, orchestra or choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of the texture,
a handbell ensemble performs as one instrument, with
each ringer responsible for particular notes,
sounding his or her assigned bells whenever that note appears in the music.
Picture 12 musicians sitting at a piano, each responsible for just 2 keys while performing a piece of music. They have to work together as a team to play a single instrument. Now if one of them is missing, so are those notes. A handbell ensemble requires a lot of dedication because everyone is relying on each other to keep the instrument "whole".


We are looking for talented and dedicated musicians from across Long Island who are looking to try something new!
Previous ringing experience is not required but you MUST be able to
read music well and
commit to weekly rehearsals.
We rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30
at First Presbyterian Church of Babylon
79 East Main Street, Babylon NY 11702

If you are interested in trying us out or have any questions, please contact:
Jennifer Murray