Interested in Booking us for a Performance?
Here are a few important things to consider

Scheduling: These ringers volunteer their time and talents. When booking concerts we need to keep their jobs and other obligations in mind. We try to book concerts 4-12+ months in advance to help give everyone enough notice allowing us to plan accordingly. We are currently booked for the rest of the 2015 year and are now booking gigs for our 2016 season. We usually perform from April-December but may be able to work with you for a special event that doesn't fall in that time frame. 

Space: We can set up in a couple different formations depending on the venue, but we prefer to perform in a straight line. Our equipment takes up a lot of space. Our tables require 33 feet for the straight line configuration.

Time: We need about two hours before the concert and one hour after the concert for setup and break-down.
Concerts are often about one and a half hours with a brief intermission.

Tickets: Due to tax reasons and ASCAP fees, please do not sell tickets to our concerts. All our concerts should be free to the public. If we accept a flat rate from your organization, you may take your own freewill offering. Otherwise our concerts need to be free to the public to attend, with a possible freewill offering taken during the performance.

If you or your organization are interested in booking
Long Island reSound for a performance please contact:
Jennifer Murray 631-294-6828 or

You can view the video from our Christmas concert on our YouTube channel .