1. Desiree Lopez
    Lives in Islip Terrace with her family. Music entered her life when she was in the 4th grade. She started playing the flute, and later on learned the piccolo. Her senior year of high school, she acted as the Drum Major of the East Islip Marching Band. She has also performed with the Dowling Symphony Orchestra. She is very excited to play handbells and experience music in such a fun way!
  2. Jennifer Murray
    Founder/Coordinator Has been ringing bells for about 28 years. She was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in "Virtuoso- an extraordinary musical experience" hosted by the Raleigh Ringers in 2013. A weekend event for advanced ringers from across the country. Music is in her blood. Jennifer also plays flute and piano. She attended Long Island University to pursue a degree in music education. When she is not ringing, she is a single mommy to an amazing little girl named Harmony. She is so excited about the future of this group. It is a dream come true!
  3. Candace Auletta
    was born and raised in PA, but moved to Long Island after marrying her husband, Bob. They raised 4 children in Massapequa and are now enjoying their 4 grandchildren. She is a recently retired physical therapist. Music was always a part of her life and she continues to play piano (occasionally in church), but no longer plays the saxophone. She has played handbells for about 10 years in 2 different churches in Massapequa. Joining Long Island reSound has been a joy and a challenge, she is looking forward to continuing to develop her skills while playing bells with a friendly and talented group.
  4. Linda Governanti
    Was born and raised on Long Island and currently lives in Massapequa. She grew up in a musical family and played the flute and organ. She began playing handbells 5 years ago and enjoys being a "ringer". She and her husband, Gary, have been married for over 27 years. They have 3 children and 1 grandchild. She works as a Pediatric Physical Therapist and loves being part of Long Island reSound.
  5. Kathy Burmil
    was born in Richmond, VA in 1968 but grew up on Long Island. She is the oldest child and has 1 sister. First and foremost, she is a child of God and family is the most important thing. She has been married for over 20 years to a wonderful man, Walter, and they have a son, Jonathan. Outside of her family she has many passions/hobbies including baking, arts and crafts, and knitting. She is a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural and now is currently trying to master the art of ringing bells.
  6. Katie Morse
    Katie is 23 years old and from Bay Shore, Long Island. She has always had a love for music, and plays the piano and clarinet as well as handbells. For the last 2 years she's worked at her dad's metal spinning shop, and in her free time enjoys watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, and hanging out with friends and family. She loves being a part of Long Island ReSound, and is looking forward to many future seasons!
  7. Beth Morse
    a lifelong musician including violin, piano, bells and choir. Played 1st violin in her High School orchestra through senior year. Had a blast performing the lead part in her college musical - Little Mary Sunshine. Performed in bell choirs and sang soprano as a former choir member. She loves to scrapbook year-round, crochet in the winter and garden in the summer. Wife, for over 30 years, to her hobby-supportive husband, Clark and mom to 3 very wonderful children - Michelle, Keith, and Katie. Especially enjoying playing bells alongside her youngest daughter, Katie, as part of Long Island reSound.
  8. Jessica Gerow
    had been playing music since she was nine years old. However, in the past few years, her involvement in music has dwindled, so she decided to take on a new challenge: HANDBELLS! She has been playing with Long Island reSound since October 2014, and thanks to the overwhelming support and encouragement of her fellow ringers, she's pulling it off! When Jess isn't playing handbells, you can find her watching 30 Rock for the millionth time on Netflix, eating Quiznos, and hanging out with her cat, Luna.
  9. Erik Westerlund
    grew up in Miller Place with his 4 younger siblings before leaving to study mathmatics at RIT in Rochester, NY. After graduation he returned to Long Island and currently lives in Smithtown. Erik started playing bells as a teenager at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rocky Point, and continues to play with the Trinity Ringers today.
  10. Rebecca Olivieri
    Rebecca's obsession with handbells began with her high school group, the Mount Mercy Academy Magic Belles, in Buffalo, NY. She moved to Long Island in 2006 and now teaches middle and high school Spanish. In addition to ringing handbells, she is currently learning to play the cello. Rebecca is a lifelong dancer and teaches tap and ballet to students of all ages. In her free time, she brushes up on her Italian, trains for her next bodybuilding competition, and travels around upstate NY in search of waterfalls with her boyfriend, Joe. She is ecstatic to be ringing bells again after a 16-year lapse!
  11. Keith Ruby
    Keith Ruby Is a retired FDNY fireman who has been married for 25 years and has one son in college. He sings with the Babylon Chorale and the choir at Trinity Lutheran Church in Islip where he also plays in their handbell choir
  12. Tina Lauro
    Tina Is so excited to join Long Island ReSound handbell Ensemble. She has been ringing handbells for 20 years in various church groups. She spends her day as a part time music teacher and part time pre-k teacher. She is also the drama club teacher working with 5th through 8th grade and drama Jr. working with 2nd through 4th grade. She is also the director of the school handbell choir for school mass.
  13. Kim Sodergren
    Kim grew up in Minnesota and moved to Long Island after college. She grew up playing the piano, flute, and bassoon. One day about five years ago her husband, Jim signed her up for their church bell choir after listening to her say she should join for years. She has been happily ringing ever since. She is thrilled to be a new member of Long Island Resound.

When I look back over my 35 year career in the handbell world I am amazed at what I see. I was a young woman when I was first approached about directing a youth handbell choir. At the time I had no directing experience and was more of a background person than one that enjoyed being in the forefront. So naturally my first instinct was to say “No thanks”…but amazingly it was a “Yes” that came out of my mouth. And that is where my handbell journey begins…the time I have spent directing and playing with all the folks, young and old, that have been in one of my groups has truly given me some of the greatest joys in my life. To watch the ringers, start out as individuals, and end up as one unit is amazing to witness, suddenly instead of a bunch of people playing individual bells they become one playing ONE instrument. The teambuilding process that a bell choir goes through is very similar to a sports team; every person has a specific task or position, a purpose. In handbells, everyone is vital to the group; the commitment level is very high, as each member totally depends on the ringers next to them.  Imagine 12 people standing around a piano, each with their finger on 2 keys, throw a challenging piece of music at them and ask them to perform it…well, that is just what I ask of them, two notes each and play this piece of music so it seems one person is doing it. What I ask from them is not easy, I want it to be well played, I want their emotions flowing into the piece, and I want them to listen and feel each other’s emotion and match it...and there you have it…music!
I do not come before them with a degree in music, or even directing, but I do come with a humbleness at the process, a huge love for the instrument, and a passion for working with these ringers to watch them stretch and grow and become one together. You all are amazing!

Jan Murray